Sunday, July 09, 2006

Together she goes!

It's been a difficult week for everyone involved with this boat build. Dan's grandfather died in Manhattan... so he was in NYC for most of the week for the services, and for much needed time with his family. I have been busy trying to support many people who have been terribly effected by the flood. It's unbelievable what people are facing now. The boat has definitely taken a back seat.

When I have been able to steal an hour, I was able to epoxy together all the frames and build the "stem" and the "transom." The stem is the piece of wood that ties together the two sides of the boat at the very front. The transom is the back board of the boat... where the rudder or a motor mount would be placed. I also was able to cut some very specific bevels on the bottom and sides of the transom and each of the frames.

On Sunday afternoon, Dan and I finally found a couple of hours together, and we set to work putting the boat together... finally!

We started with the frame at mark #10... just a little behind the half way point of the boat. Here you see Dan drilling a tap hole for the first screws.One by one, we screwed and glued each frame to each side of the boat. It really worked well as a team effort. I spread the glue and held the frame in place against the sides. Dan drove the screws through the plywood into the sides of the frames. Here's #10 frame installed. As you can see, we used the grill and a small table to prop up the boards as we were beginning the process.
Next, we installed frame #6... a bit in front of the middle of the boat. And then she looked like this:Then we installed the frame at #14... just two feet away from the transom. And here are a few shots to show you what we ended up with.
As you can see, it's really beginning to look like a boat now!

It looks like it'll be Tuesday before we can do much more. Until then...


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