Monday, July 03, 2006

Boat sides cut out finally!

Dan and I finally got some time to work together today... and decided to tackle laying out and cutting the sides of our boat. We started by marking two spots on each of the station lines I marked yesterday. Then we had to "connect the dots." To do this we used one of the 16' chines... because of it's length and bendability. This is where the boat really begins to take on some shape... and we don't want straight lines. Instead, we want long sweeping lines. Here's Dan bending the chine so that a bunch of the marks all line up. This prep work took nearly an hour! Next we pinch the two 16 foot x 20" pieces together with numerous clamps. We'll cut through both at the same time. This way the two sides of the boat will be identical. We clamp along the side that is away from where we'll make the first cut.
Here's Dan about half way through the first long cut. Notice also the spacers we've placed between the board and the concrete floor of my garage. It's amazing how quickly concrete will dull an expensive blade!
Now the two long cuts are done, so all there is left is to cut out the straight cuts that mark the front of the boat (that will meet each other at the stem) and the back (where the transom will be connected.) We set up a guide 1 and 3/16ths of an inch away from the drawn line... the exact distance from the blade and the guide on our circular saw. It makes a perfectly straight cut.
And then we're done! After spending an hour drawing the lines, the actually cutting took about 10 minutes! Here are the two mirrored sides of our boat. Can you imagine the boat a little better now?
We will do a little sanding to these pieces before we wrap them around and screw/glue them to the outsides of our three frames and the transom. Tomorrow we will finish those frames (they need to be epoxied and assembled), and we'll build the transom. Then, we'll finally be ready to go three-dimensional! It's getting really exciting now!


At 2:29 PM, Blogger Dad and Lynne said...

Hi Dave and Dan - Very cool boat! Will we get a "spin" when it is done?


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