Sunday, June 25, 2006

A slow weekend...

With Dan's brother graduating from HS, and Leslie and I having a party for family at our new home, we had no time to work together this weekend. I did take an hour to do some preliminary work alone this afternoon though. Dan is most interested in building the boat itself, and using it for rowing and fishing. I am the one interested in using it for sailing. So, I decided to get a jump on some of the "sailing only" parts of our boat.

Here I am cutting out three pieces of 1/2"plywood... pieces that will eventually be the "planer board", the rudder, and the "mast partner". If you've never done any sailing, you may (or may not) be surprised that there is an enormous vocabulary of words used only by sailors and boat builders.

The planer board is a relatively long, wide 1/2" thick board that goes down into the water near the mid-point of the boat to keep the boat from sliding sideways while under the influence of the wind. Without it, you could never sail in any direction other than the direction of the wind. With it you can sail faster at a 90 degree angle across the wind than even directly with the wind... sailing at this angle is called sailing "on a reach" and the accelleration can be VERY exciting! The planer board for this relatively small boat will be a whopping 55" long!

Rudder is a term known by most... the stearing part of our vessel will be nearly 42" long.

The "mast partner" was an unknown term to me until recently. It is the assembly that holds the mast to the boat... and braces it against the torque caused by the wind in the sails. As you can imagine, the placement and the strength of this item is critical. Here are the chunks of plywood which will, God willing, become these important components of our boat.


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